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Virgin Media SmartCall


With Virgin Media SmartCall, you can use your Virgin Phone talk plan on your smartphone, anywhere with WiFi. So you can talk more on your mobile, without using up your mobile minutes. The home phone you can take anywhere It could save you oodles of money because you can make calls from your Virgin Phone talk plan on your smartphone, anywhere you can connect to a WiFi network, at no extra cost. Its free to download and exclusive to Virgin Media customers.
Once youve registered, open the app and make use of all of those unlimited calls you have in your Virgin Phone talk plan. And it works whether youre at home, at a friends house, in a café or anywhere else with WiFi.
SmartCall isn’t like Skype. With SmartCall you can call normal numbers; using the same unlimited minutes that are included in your Virgin Phone talk plan.
The person youre calling doesnt have to have SmartCall or be a Virgin Media customer, if the type of number youre calling is inclusive in your Virgin Phone talk plan then you can call them at no extra cost with SmartCall.
It even works from abroad Wave goodbye to those hefty roaming charges. Now you can use the same calls you get with your home phone while youre abroad, so you can catch up with friends and family without worrying about a nasty bill when you get home.
Unlimited calls, at no extra cost SmartCall uses the unlimited calls in your home phone plan, so they never cost a penny extra. Save your mobile minutes or your Pay As You Go credit for when you need them. Just connect to your nearest WiFi and make unlimited SmartCalls instead.
SmartCall works on up to two smartphones (so you can share it with your family) and it doesn’t even matter what mobile network you’re with.
All your contacts at your fingertips Flicking through that old address book to find your auntie’s number is a pain you can live without. With SmartCall, you’ll have all your smartphones contacts where you want them, so you can make calls much quicker and easier.
Share the love Each Virgin Phone account holder can use the SmartCall app on up to two devices, so someone else in your home can enjoy making unlimited calls from your talk plan too. Better yet, you can make calls at the same time - perfect if you live with a phone-hogger.